Interlocking Door Control & Mantraps

Dortronics offers an impressive portfolio of Intelligent Door Interlock Controllers and Mantrap Solutions with the latest features and performance for a wide range of vertical markets. Solutions range from economical 2-door mantraps for retail applications and communicating bathroom controllers for healthcare facilities & dormitories, to multi-door mantraps for casinos, banks and biological clean rooms to sally ports to controlling vehicle access/egress in secure areas such as prisons and armored car facilities.

4300 Series

Relay Interlock – Controls 2 Doors

48500 Series

2-5 Door Interlock Controller

(replaces 4700 Series)

48900 enclosure

48900 Series

Controls Up to 9 Doors

4900 Series

Controls Up to 120 Doors

Gain a Better Understanding of How Different Door Interlock Systems are Applied and Operate