Alarm Annunciators

For any door control system to be effective, it’s imperative that some form of notification is issued in the event of a breach. Dortronics offers a comprehensive offering of Door Annunciators and door prop alarms including complete systems with features like Delayed Egress with built-in keypad access control, audible and visual alarms, anti-tailgate relocking, and a host of programmable operations, as well as various desktop and wall mount configurations. Dortronics also offers customized door control panels fabricated to meet your specifications.

7100 Series

Delayed Egress

7200 Series

Custom Multi-zone Annunciators

7286 Series

Local Door Prop Alarms

7600 Series

Multi-zone Annunciators

7201 Series

Highly Visible & Waterproof LEDs

7281 Series

Local Door Alarm & Timer

Gain a Better Understanding of How Different Door Interlock Systems are Applied and Operate