Dortronics Features Next Gen Smart Interlock Door Controllers at GSX 2019

Enhanced 4800 Series Intelligent Interlock Controller Raises the Bar in Versatility

4800 Series Door Interlock Controller

Chicago, IL (September 10, 2019) – Dortronics, an industry leader in off-the-shelf and customized door control solutions, is showcasing its latest generation of intelligent interlock controllers here at GSX 2019 (booth #1333). The newly enhanced 4800 Series offers an abundance of intelligent interlock features providing a higher degree of versatility to accommodate a wide range of applications and markets.

“Our 4800 Series door interlock controllers are a one board solution that provides installers complete control of all operating and configuration options without complex software,” said John Fitzpatrick, President of Dortronics Systems, Inc. “This further leverages the enhanced security provided by these interlocks for use for both mainstream and specialized applications.”

The 4800 Series Door Interlock Controller accommodates up to five doors, including doors with automatic openers. The unit features adjustable timers for propped door time, panic release unlock time, and unlock pause time for REX unlock time. Additional features include 12 inputs for door status, request for access, interlock override and emergency unlock. The unit’s 17 outputs control door locks (fail-safe or fail-secure), traffic lights and mirror door status with alarm outputs.

Additional features include a watchdog circuit to monitor operation, LED input/output status indication and voltage spike/surge protection. The 4800 Series is available as a controller board only or with a 4-amp Class 2 UL 294 power supply.

Once predominantly deployed for specialty applications like cleanrooms, back areas for casinos and prisons, intelligent interlock controllers (also commonly referred to as mantraps) are now widely used for retail, healthcare, and professional buildings to help improve overall safety and security. The versatility provided with Dortronics 4800 Series Door Interlock Controller further simplifies deployment.

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