Dortronics Door Control
Keep Clean Rooms Better Protected

Sag Harbor, NY (June 2, 2020)Dortronics Systems Inc. offers a comprehensive line of door control products that combine to provide laboratory and research facility management with comprehensive solutions to better protect clean rooms with harmful contagions. Products include touchless and waterproof switches, motion sensor door releases, and maglocks of all sizes and holding strengths, and customized door interlock controls.

“Cleanrooms in biolabs and pharmaceutical production facilities need the utmost in protection to maintain sterile conditions, which starts at the entry points to these sensitive areas,” said Bryan Sanderford, National Sales Manager, Dortronics Systems, Inc. “Dortronics offers a wide selection of products that can be customized and configured to meet virtually  any clean room application.”

Dortronics clean room door control solutions include touchless and waterproof switches, maglocks to secure any door, and programmable mantraps that isolate environments to help prevent contamination. Highlighted products include:

4800 Series Field Programmable Interlock Controller provide the ideal interlock solution for cleanrooms, including air locks, with two to five doors. This highly versatile controller accommodates traffic lights and door alarms, and provides timing sequences for propped door time, panic release unlock, time and unlock pause time for Rex unlock delay. Optional AUX outputs are also available to control automatic doors with locks.

P.I.R. Motion Detector

6612 Series Motion Sensing Door Releases employ passive IR motion detection technology to provide hands-free, unobstructed door release.


5278 Series Touchless Switches are activated with the wave of one’s hand.

WR5276 Waterproof Switches can be washed down to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness with bi-color LED status indication. 

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