Dortronics Displays Wide Assortment of Custom and Off the Shelf Door Push Buttons and Pull Stations at ISC West 2022

Offering includes touchless switches and emergency pull stations

WR5276, 5278 series and emergency pull stations

Las Vegas, NV (March 23, 2022)Dortronics Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of off-the-shelf and customized door control solutions, is featuring its unique portfolio of door control push buttons at ISC West 2022 (booth #2036). Extensive offerings include WR5276-HD Series of Waterproof Push Button Switches, Hands-Free Touchless 5278 Switches, 5277-PZL Series Piezo Switches, and Emergency Pull Stations. Dortronics push buttons and pull stations can be customized to meet the specific needs of systems designers and installers with fast delivery times and are also available off the shelf for immediate delivery.

“Dortronics is an industry leader in customized and off the shelf door control products and locking hardware products that are all manufactured in the U.S.A.,” said Bryan Sanderford, National Sales Manager, Dortronics Systems, Inc. “Our extensive portfolio of pushbuttons, switches, and pull stations are ideal for virtually any door control application across a myriad range of vertical markets, including the healthcare, hospitality, gaming, manufacturing, pharma, and education industries to name a few.”

Dortronics Waterproof Push Button Switches are available in two series, both rated for harsh environments. The WR5276-HD22 Series features an IP-66 rating and includes a neoprene gasket, making it ideal for use outdoors in harsh conditions and in areas like cleanrooms that require wash-downs. When used with card access systems or automatic door openers, the switches’ double pole, dry contact outputs can be wired to signal a door to unlock. The WR5276-HD28/29 Series is vandal-resistant, waterproof, and features an IP-65 rating and timer options that can either be fixed or adjustable. Both products are manufactured with brushed stainless steel in standard switch plate sizes with standard engraved legends. Custom plates and text are available with a quick turnaround time.

Dortronics Systems Inc. 5278 Series Touchless Switches provide a healthy solution for hands-free access control and various operations. They utilize optical infrared technology that allows a simple wave of the hand to activate the switch without someone ever touching a surface, which significantly reduces exposure to germs and viruses. They are ideal for applications in laboratories, hospitals, schools, campuses, air locks, cleanrooms, or drive-up windows. In addition to being touchless, the 5278 Series Touchless Switches feature an illuminated LED ring for increased visibility that changes from red to green when activated. They are available in single and dual stainless steel plate configurations. There is also a handicap logo option available to fit all needs. The illuminated LED ring designates switch status and allows for visibility under low light conditions. The LED ring is red during the normal standby mode, green when activated in trigger mode.

Also, on display at ISC West 2022, are Dortronics’ 5277-PZL Series Piezo Switches. The 5277-PZL Series Piezo Switches are ideally suited for heavy use due to their rugged construction and responsive Piezo actuator. Application flexibility is built into the new 5277 Series, including a selectable on/off switch, red/green LED illumination status ring, and an adjustable time delay of 1 to 40 seconds.  It can be used to control automatic doors, electric strike locks or magnetic locks, as well as remote bypass (REX) input of an access control system. It can also be used to shunt an alarm system to allow egress from a secured area.

Dortronics will also be showcasing their 6510 Emergency Pull Stations, which are ideal for use in hospitals, schools, and industrial facilities, and with a variety of door or access systems. The 6510-S35 features a single pull action to provide instant egress and alarm activation in the event of an emergency situation. The 6510 COV plastic cover discourages improper activation, while providing moisture protection during wash-down operations. The 6510-S35 is often combined with the 6510 COV, which features an anti-tamper cover made from clear, super tough polycarbonate. The 6510 COV can be outfitted with optional enhancements including a Piezo sounder that emits a piercing 95 dB or 105 dB warning horn.

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