Dortronics Demonstrates ‘What You Want, When You Want It’ Tagline at ISC East 2023

Featuring Series of Custom and Off-the-Shelf Door Control Solutions

New York, NY (November 15, 2023)Dortronics Systems Inc., an industry leader in off-the-shelf and customized door control solutions, is featuring a wide array of its tailor-made door and access control control products here at ISC East 2023. Custom touchless switches, annunciator panels, and specialty plate sizes will be on display alongside a suite of additional ready-made products at booth #619.

“Our flexible manufacturing capabilities and willingness to deliver custom solutions of quality products dates all the way back to our start in Sag Harbor in 1946” said John Fitzpatrick, President of Dortronics Systems, Inc. “Today, we continue to provide speedy delivery of customized solutions all at highly competitive prices.”

Beyond Dortronics’ custom solutions, additional products on display at booth #619 include:

The 48900 Series Interlock Controller is a cost-effective solution for implementing door interlock systems with up to nine doors. The fully integrated, single-board solution provides installers with complete programming control of all operating and configuration options without the need and expense of complex software. Also featured is the versatile 48500 Series Door Interlock Controller which accommodates up to five doors, including doors with automatic openers.

Waterproof Push Button Switches on display include the WR5276-HD22 Series, featuring an IP-66 rating and neoprene gasket, making it ideal for use outdoors in harsh conditions and in areas like cleanrooms that require wash-downs. Also featured is the WR5276-HD28/29 Series vandal-resistant, waterproof switches with an IP-65 rating and timer options that can either be fixed or adjustable. Both products are manufactured with brushed stainless steel in standard switch plate sizes with standard engraved legends.

For hands-free access control, the 5278 Series Touchless Switches utilize optical infrared technology that allows a simple wave of the hand to activate the switch without someone ever touching a surface, significantly reducing exposure to germs and viruses.

5277-PZL Series Piezo Switches are designed for heavy use due to their rugged construction and responsive Piezo actuator and feature an IP-65 rating and neoprene gasket, making it ideal for use outdoors in harsh conditions and in areas like cleanrooms that require wash-downs, a selectable momentary or alternate action switch, red/green LED illumination status ring, and an adjustable time delay of 1 to 60 seconds.

For more information on Dortronics visit or see us at ISC East 2023 booth #619.