Doors are often overlooked as a first line of defense in today’s day and age of integrated security and surveillance systems. A door by itself is simply a door, something we simply take for granted in our every day lives, but when you integrate a door’s operation into an access control system, or link two or more doors together with an interlock controller, doors take on a whole new persona.

If you’re seeing this blog, the first in our new blog series, you know that Dortronics is in the door control business. And there’s always something new from Dortronics – a unique application, specialized solution or innovative new product – that may be of interest to you based on your specific needs.

And because all of our products are manufactured in Sag Harbor, NY, we offer some pretty unique capabilities, including almost instant delivery of off the shelf products, and the ability to deliver customized solutions with fast delivery times, and at competitive prices. Plus the outstanding quality you would expect from products made in the USA.

We’ll be writing more about all of this and more in the blog posts to come. We want to share our knowledge, information, resources and support with the professional security community – resellers and users alike – who work so hard to make facilities of all types safer places to work and play. We’ll be blogging you soon!