The basic premise to establishing and sustaining a cleanroom is to prevent foreign substances and influencers such as dust, humidity, and airborne particulates from contaminating the contents or processes taking place therewithin. This is most important in pharmaceutical, research, and specialty production facilities where cleanrooms are critical to daily business operations, and shutdowns due to contamination can lead to significant time and financial setbacks.

Aside from implementing standard operating procedures regarding the use of personal protective equipment to protect both personnel and the cleanroom environment they are working in, the physical entry and egress points to cleanrooms need to be carefully monitored and controlled using door control technologies and solutions. Here’s a brief overview of a few core door control solutions that are ideal for cleanroom applications:

  • Door Interlock Controllers provide a highly effective means of controlling multiple cleanrooms doors, including those used in air locks. Door interlock controllers can also accommodate traffic lights, door alarms, automatic door openers, and provide timing sequences for propped door time, panic release unlock, time and unlock pause time for REX unlock delay.
  • Motion Sensing Door Releases employing passive IR motion detection are ideal for hands-free unobstructed door release.
  • Touchless Switches provide another hands-free method of opening doors by simply waiving one’s hand in front of the device.
  • Waterproof Switches, are also ideal for cleanrooms as they can be washed down to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness.

Whether used alone or in any combination, these door control solutions provide an added layer of protection to help ensure cleanroom cleanliness and integrity. At Dortronics, our team of door control specialists can help you select and design the door control solution that best meets your specific needs. And if we don’t have the specific product you need, we’ll design and manufacture it for you quickly and affordably.